The importance of valid HTML

The need for standards compliant HTML is documented all over the internet with the primary reason of speed and cross browser compatibility.  There are, after all, reasons the standards have been created.  The idea behind them is that you can take the code which is fully standards compliant and run it in any browser and it will look the same.  Okay we all know that that’s not actually the case, and different browser engines render things slightly differently.  It’s one of the main reasons why the web development community hates Internet Explorer; it seems to have its own way of doing things which is different to everyone else.

Bitching about IE aside, I came across another reason to have standards compliant code this week, and a problem I have seen previously, forgotten about and had to research again, so I am here to share the wisdom I have recently rediscovered, and also have it somewhere I can easily find it again.

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