Building my roadmap

Having just released version 5.1.4 of my website which brought in the ability to contact me, I thought about all the other features I want to build into this site.  I debated not putting that sort of detail on here as it might indicate how feature lacking this actually is, but then I realised that I’ve got nothing to hide.  This is a personal site, and the whole build is an education for me.  The code is never intended to be released for general use (it’s very bespoke and not even close to a CMS).  Putting them on here also means I have things to look forward to.

The features below are things I am going to work in (starting next month, after I get married), but may take some time to get implemented.  They are presented in no particular order:

  • Add captcha to the contact page
  • Allow “headline images” for blog posts so the site isn’t all text
  • Allow articles to be set to publish on a specific date (at the moment, I have to manually publish them and they go live instantly)
  • Add the ability to share blog posts / galleries on social media
  • Add an RSS feed for galleries
  • Add a “portfolio” section, which will link to public github repositories
  • Use more than one photo on the home page, so that it’s not the same view on every visit
  • Changes you’ll never get to see because they are in the admin area.

Those should keep me going for 2015, and maybe a little longer as I focus more of my time on my other project.  If there’s anything you think I should add, make sure you contact me and mention ideas.