Home file server update

I’ve not forgotten to post about my file server, I just haven’t finished setting it up yet, and therefore haven’t finished the post.  I’m running into some issues getting the operating system to work how I want it.  It sound picky, but there’s some hardware issues involved too, which are being a pain.

It doesn’t look like I’ll be using Debian for the server, sadly, as it doesn’t have the drivers for the network cards in the machine (wired and wireless) so I can’t get it to connect to either the network locally, or the wider internet.  That’s a massive issue for me as I was going to be backing up from that server to the internet.

I can’t use Ubuntu desktop, as it doesn’t allow the configuration of RAID as part of the install.  I also can’t use Ubuntu server, as I can’t get the networking working on that either.

I’ve tried Fedora, but that had issues when installing (I think that was network driver related though) and I am currently in the process of installing CentOS 7, though that failed first time with the installer crashing (when it was conncting to the network).  I’ve left the network disabled for now, but this project might have to go on a little longer as I hunt out some new hardware which is compatible with the OS.

I’ve also decided that whichever OS i end up using on my home server, I will also use as my desktop machine, and I will also look to change the server this site is hosted on to be the same OS, so I don’t have to remember different versions of commands to get things working.

I’ll post more when I make some progress.  If I make progress.