My First Attempt at Open-Source Contribution

I’ve always wanted to contribute to an open source project, so I thought it was time to finally start.  I’ve been investigating different CSS frameworks, and came across Bulma.  I saw the contribute link and figured I’d see what issues there were in Github for it, and there was an issue about some typos.  I figured that was a good place to start; check if any more remained.  I forked and clones the repo to my machine and blasted it through “Inspect Code” option in PhpStorm, but found a different issue to look into, a one not raised currently as an issue, but still as part of the title.sass file.  It was to do with the following on line 14:

word-break: break-word

PhpStorm didn’t like it, as it didn’t fit with the CSS specification.  There were no real adverse effects, as it still did what it was supposed to, but the options for word-break are as follows:

  • normal
  • break-all
  • keep-all

However, break-word is available for the overflow-wrap property, so I thought I would give it a change and see what happens.  My original test was to use a repeating paragraph of “The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog”, and see what the output was, shown below:

Original CSS output

The property for the “title” class is shown as an invalid property value, so could be ignored by some browsers.  After the change to make the code:

overflow-wrap: break-word

The output became the following:

After CSS change

The visual output is the same, and this time the developer tools doesn’t show the property as being invalid.

I’ve submitted this as a pull request, and wait to see how it goes.