That was a nice break

I’ve been away for a short time, but it’s easily explainable.  I got married!  Yup, not all coders are loners; I’m one of them.  I got married at the end of May and went on my honeymoon to Mexico a couple of days later.  During that time I didn’t use the internet and most other technology where possible.  Sure I had my kindle (because no-one travels with a series of books on holiday) and my phone as an MP3 player.  It stayed on flightmode for 99.99% of the time (just a text to the folks to say we got there safely).

A lot of people I know find the fact I don’t go online when on holiday odd.  I know people who log in each day to post pictures, to let people know what’s happening and everything.  Not for me.  When I holiday, I am off the grid, unreachable, and I don’t want any of that “social media” interaction whilst I am away.  I actually relax and unwind!

Now that I am back, however, I can get back to all this technology which I love and hate in equal measure, and look to work on things I thought of when I was away (I just can’t shut off!).  I had a think abou tthe different features I have added on my roadmap, and was thinking about how important each one is to me.  I have a top three which I feel need the most immediate attention, and these are:

  1. Allow articles to be set to be published on a specific date (so I don’t have to log in and publishe them, I can scheduled posts)
  2. Allow “headline images” for blog posts so the site isn’t all text
  3. Admin area changes which I really need

Those are the things I will be working on in the immediate future and should all be here by the end of July (I have other things to work on as well, so it’s not all I code), and I decided on those for the following reasons:

Allowing articles to be set to be published on a specific date

This feature will mean I can write articles ahead of time aqnd thern have a steady stream of content for people to browse through going forward.  It will mean that my website is still active, even when I am away on holiday.  It will also allow me to work on a series of posts, and have them publish in a sensible order without having to remember to check that the one before it has been published before I hit the publish button.

Basically it will make my home-grown CMS actually manage the content.

Allowing headline images for blog posts

A website which is just text is a bit boring, we all know that.  Everyone likes to look at pretty pictures.  I want to improve the look of the site by not just having large walls of text (check out the blog index page to see what I mean), and make it a look a little more professional.  Hopefully I can use images to add to the value of the content I am writing, and not just put rubbish ones up all the time.

Admin area changes

Arguaby, point one is an admin area change, but I have a list of things I want to get done with things behind the scenes.  I have a vision in my head of how I want this site to work and changes I need to make in order to make the site easier for me to use, and more useful going forward..

The other items will come in time too, but those are my immediate concerns for my website, so that’s what I shall be working on now that I am back.