Yet another change

Hello and welcome to my new website, again.  I last changed the site in March 2014, so just over a year ago, and now I’ve done it again.  This time, things are a little different though.  I’ve ditched Joomla and any other regular CMS, and have rolled my own.  I’ve not done this because I think existing CMS products are inferior or rubbish; I actually have quite a lot of respect for them.  I’ve done it as an exercise for myself to get used to working in an MVC driven way, more so for when I was in the process of changing jobs (more about that in a different post).

There are a lot of MVC frameworks out there to choose from, so I wasn’t going to build my own one of those, but I did want to build a small CMS which met my needs exactly, and here we have it.  I could go on all day about the different frameworks and pros and cons of them from when I was researching, but I narrowed the choices down to two…CodeIgniter and CakePHP.  I have two  projects I want to do in coming months (this being one of them) and decided to do one project in each, and my website got the CodeIgniter deal as it was the one which needed doing first, and CodeIgniter has a much shallower learning curve than CakePHP initially.  My other project (more on that in future posts) will be build in CakePHP so I can work on the two side by side.

I’ve worked out that this is probably the fifth iteration of my website in one form or another over the years, so I’m calling it GBv5.  It’s only for me, so it’s going to be out there for people to use as it stands (because it’s not even close to being useful to anyone else), and it will let me try out new things with.  I hope you like it, as I don’t plan on changing it any time soon, just adding features to it.