New development project

I’ve come to the realisation that I don’t have the time for a huge project at the moment, sadly, so most of the fun web stuff I’d been working on before is on hold, again.  I’ve also realised that I currently don’t have a great many hobbies, but I do like to tinker, and I have an unused and unloved raspberry pi.

The pi was bought to act as my XMBC front end for my TV, whilst streaming films from my home server.  I got a new TV back in December (thank’s, mum!) which will automatically connect to the server.  Nothing for the pi to do.

Now the home server, as the spec outlines, is an old gaming PC with a beefy graphics card, and won’t turn on without it in.  Naturally the power draw for it is higher than I’d like, and the heat it puts out is huge, so can I change something about that?

Well it got me thinking – I’ve been having issues with the network card on that beast for a while (if there’s an odd power fluctuation, I usually need to pull the cable out and put it back in) – so can I remove it as a permanent fixture? Lots of rhetorical questions here!

I figured I could get a USB hard drive, move everything over to that, and then simply use the pi as my home server.  I only use the server for storage anyway.  Obviously, that’s a 5 minute project, and nothing any fun, so I wanted a display for it.  Why?  Because I can!

I figured I could get the display to show the free space remaining on the hard drive, the latest backup time (phase 2 – when I put the cloud storage software on it), and use the display as a digital photo frame.

That, right there, is my new project.  I’ll dust off my Python IDE, and get building.