Codebase 8 (April 2015 – Present)

Codebase 8 design and develop bespoke solutions for both desktop and web-based appplications.  I joined the company as a PHP developer working with their web based clients, and started properly using MVC frameworks.

I’ve only just started there, so I will update this page as I learn more of the respobibilities I have.

Software Add-ons / OpenCRM (June 2012 – April 2015)

I re-joined OpenCRM as a result of a unique opportunity to help the company expand in size over multiple sites so it would have access to a larger talent pool as it grew in size.  It was within this role that I became the point of contact for the office in Wales, as well as helping to train new members of staff which were employed outside of the North Yorkshire head office.

My main responsibility was the same as my first time working for the company, that is developing new features for the OpenCRM hosted solution, as well as enhancing existing features.  Some of this development work was still bespoke for clients, thogh a greater focus to bring client requests into the software as a general feature was encouraged.

I have also increased my working knowledge of jQuery as the software evolved to become more interactive and the requirement for fewer visible page loads became requested from clients; therefore utilising jQuery’s easy AJAX and JSON abilities to benefit the software and clients.

As part of the new features added to OpenCRM, I have worked with a variety of external services, and integrated OpenCRM with their API structure in order to deliver functionality to clients and the system.

FD Systems / Gravit-e (February 2012 – June 2012)

I took this role in order to move to South Wales to be with my then girlfriend and now fiancée.  It was within this role which I first used the Drupal CMS system, which had been the base for a proprietary e-commerce solution.  I was specifically working for Gravit-e, the e-commerce division of FD Systems.

Within this role I was responsible for creating the technical scope of work to be undertaken, as well as time estimates of the work involved within the e-commerce solution which Gravit-e worked with.  Once the scope documentation had been approved by the client, I then had to implement the specified solution using PHP, CSS, HTML and jQuery in order to deliver the client requirements.  If there were issues found during the QA stage, I would then be required to correct the issues ahead of resubmission to QA, and ultimately putting the change live on the client website.

During this role I worked within the Linux operating system for both development and deployment of the e-commerce site.  Along with the technologies above being used, I was also working with MySQL as a database solution for the product, and furthered my knowledge of the database whilst working here.

As I was working with e-commerce websites in this role, I also worked with various payment gateways including Sage Pay, World Pay and Pay Pal in order for the websites to offer flexible ways of paying or taking payment, depending on the client.

Software Add-ons / OpenCRM (June 2008 – February 2012)

This was my first job once leaving university, and the place I owe great thanks for the level of knowledge I have gained with web development technologies.  I enjoyed working here so much that I returned after a brief stint at another company (see below) when I moved out of the North East of England.

My role here involved all aspects of software development, right from speaking to the customer in the first instance to creating a specification for the work to be undertaken, developing the solution, testing and then deploying it.  Not all of those are always done on the same project, though I have covered them all as part of this role.

My main responsibility was to develop the OpenCRM product, a hosted CRM solution, using open source web technologies; either new features or bug fixes within the software.  Some of these enhancements were bespoke requests from clients, others were general changes which went into the general release of the product and have been rolled out to customers.

I undertook work within the company which didn’t solely work around the OpenCRM product.  This predominantly was related to client websites both with and without integration into OpenCRM, as well as external data feeds to and from third parties as a bespoke solution.

Within this role I enhanced my knowledge of PHP and MySQL, as well as keeping on top of my HTML and CSS abilities.  I significantly improved my javascript ability and gained knowledge of the Joomla CMS.  It was in this role I also learned about SOAP, and used it for connection to OpenCRM, as well as connections to other APIs which were integrated into OpenCRM.

I left this role in order to move to South Wales to be with my long term partner, and now fiancée.

Nissan Motor Manufacturing (August 2006 – September 2007)

My work at Nissan was as part of an industrial placement which formed part of my degree.  This was my first job where I was in the real world of IT, and I gained experience and knowledge from that which I continue to use to this day.

Within this role I would talk to the different areas of the business to get requirements from the users and pass the needs to the off-shore developers in order to get the required solution in place.  I would work with both parties in order to ensure that the deadlines which were set were going to be hit, and any other dialogue between the customer and developer.

I was also part of a development team which was responsible for implementing a new vehicle registration system throughout Europe.  This role required me to travel to different European sites to speak to the end users, as well as help to roll out the system when it was launched.  Travelling to the different European sites allowed me to improve my communication skills as I was working with people for whom English was not their first language, and where their English was far better than my command of their native tongue.

It was the working with the vehicle registration system where my main responsibility was to get the system to produce the physical documentation which would be provided to the respective governments whenever a vehicle was registered.  This presented many challenges in itself, not least that some of the documentation was produced on some very specific printers which took a ream of specially produced paper, and this could not be tested in the office where I was based without the help of the people in the European offices.

At the time of my work placement, Nissan were developing their software on a mainframe setup using NATURAL programming language, working with an ADABAS database and some batch jobs in COBOL.  Although I have not used those technologies since leaving Nissan, the use of them in that environment required me to learn them, and begin using them from the very start of my time there.