Having spent a lot of years playing field hockey, I’ve had to retire from the sport as I was constantly getting injured, and the injuries were impacting on my abilities at work.  Since then, I have undertaken what I hope to be more sedate and lower injury risk, but things which still are a challenge for me.  My hobbies are more challenging to me in a mental sense, and to fulfil the physical side of my spare time, I user the gym or go for walks.

My current hobbies, aside from reading into and around the subjects, are:


I’ve always had an interest in pictures and capturing of memories, and until recently that was always done on a standard compact camera.  When my faithful Casio Exilim gave up on me whilst on holiday in Rhodes (where there are a lot of things to photo) I decided to buy a digital SLR and take this interest a little further.  I’m still only starting out, and only using entry level kit, but I do enjoy taking photos and capturing moments.

My preferred subjects in my photos are landscapes and architecture, which is a far cry from computers, but that’s probably why I enjoy them so much.

I plan on getting a gallery section together either as part of this site, or some separate project where I can showcase some images.


For a long time I’ve had friends who have been able to play guitar and make it look so easy that any idiot could do it.  Enter this idiot.  Guitar is hard!  Still, I enjoy the process of learning and the challenge it presents to someone who is a self-confessed tone-deaf musically challenged person.

I’m using Rocksmith 2014 to help me along, and try to get in a good couple of hours a week alongside the other things I enjoy doing.  I don’t have a fancy guitar, but the one I got was a birthday present from my mum and sister, so I love it all the same.  I do hope to get another one to keep it company at some stage, maybe a bass so I can learn both, but I have other things I want and need to do before then.


I’ve always been interested in movies, and used to be a regular visitor to the cinema, but due to the spiralling costs, trips are limited to whenever there’s a film I really want to see showing.  Other than that, I have a fairly large film collection which I make time for in order to escape to a world within someone’s imagination where I can unwind and watch events unfold.