Website History


I’ve migrated all previous content over to WordPress, so I don’t have to worry too much about adding additional features.

V5.11.1 March 2016

Add the Reverse Hash (no longer available) page to the site and the functionality around that.

V5.11.0 March 2016

Quite a few changes to fit into this one following a long time of no development.

  • Upgraded CodeIgniter to 3.04
  • Upgraded TinyMCE to 4.3.6
  • Added the codesample plugin to tinymce
  • Removed the CodeIgniter documentation from the site
  • Added prism.js javascript and css styling for the code
  • Updated the templates which needed to be updated to allow the codesample plugin to run

V5.3.1 July 2015

Fixed some styling issues on the home page for blog post listings.  Fixed styling issues on the blog home page for blog post listings.  These fixes mean the blog post layout won’t jump around if the lengths of the intros are different sizes.

Fixed pagination on the blog home page.

V5.1.5 May 2015

Add the ability to share blog posts on social media.  This uses the AddToAny service

V5.1.4 May 2015

Add the ability to contact me through the contact me page.  Arguably something which should have been there from the start, but it wasnt that important when I first re-built this site.

V5.1.3 May 2015

Add in the RSS feed for the blog and correct styling issues with the footer which were introduced when the site was made mobile friendly

V5.1.2 May 2015

Increase the number of blog posts on the index page to 22 following an issue on the blog index page where the 11th post moved to a new full width title instead of filling the 10th block, thus leaving a gap at the bottom right of the post blocks

V5.1.1 May 2015

Add pagination to the Blog and Gallery index pages with the following limits :

Blog 20 posts (down from 25 initially)

Gallery 18 galleries (up from 5 initially)

V5.1 May 2015

Make the website mobile friendsly to fit in with new Google SEO rules.

V5 April 2015

A complete re-style and platform change from a traditional CMS to a home-grown one as a learning exercise for myself whilst job hunting.

It’s build on CodeIgniter 3.0, and where I started my proper edication on MVC frameworks.

The intention is for this to grow from where it is now to meet all of my website needs, and for me to practice my coding.

May 2014

I moved over to Joomla and started adding posts which have been on my site since then, starting from Are error messages evil? and going through to Why Windows 10 is no bad thing.

It was a short lived design and, quite frankly, awful.  I had intended to use it to learn more about Joomla as it’s a playform that I was touching on from time-to-time with work.  sadly there was no need for my playing with it, so it got left as it was until I started on the next iteration of my site.

August 2013

Still with WordPress, but I changes to a different theme to give a better responsive view


I don’t have much information on the website from back then.  It was a WordPress site where I had a few book reviews for Cannonball read and a few other things.

Pre 2012

I don’t remember what I had prior to this, and the web archive has no history of my website from before then.