Having a break

It's been a while since I last posted anything, despite starting off really well with weekly posts since moving to the Ghost platform.  This hasn't fully been out of choice, however.  My enforced break from the computer outside of work hours has been down to an injury.  I broke my finger, again.

No sports involved this time.  Instead I was out with the family playing and I caught my finger on my knee.  It twisted round and snapped.  Great fun.

I wanted to limit my screen time during the healing process to just at work so it could have a chance to rest, and so I wouldn't develop bad typing habits.  Work has also been really busy for a number of reasons, so I've needed the rest after work.  Especially whilst recovering.

I'm aiming to get a lot more posts lined up to keep things going, especially in the subject of CI, which I started some weeks ago.