Here's a list of the projects I've worked on outside of my day job. Some of these are personal projects, others are part of a much larger Open-Source project. Not all of my contributions are large, but every small contribution helps.

My Projects (Active)

PHP Password Validation

Available on GitLab and on Packagist.

This is a PHP port of the Go Password Validator by Lane Wagner. It determines the strength of a password by calculating the entropy used. The higher the entropy, the better the password.

This works as a better check for passwords than the usual mandatory minimum length, requiremnt for upper and lower case letters, and adding a number and/or symbol. It allows pass-phrases to be used, and determines their strength. A password of correct horse battery staple is stronger than the password abcABC123!%^, even though the latter will likely pass traditional password validation checks

Community Open-Source Projects


For those who aren't regular readers, I'm a huge fan and regular user of GitLab. It has its own tag for posts specifically about it, and most of my CI/CD posts are about using GitLab in that capacity.

Here are the versions of GitLab where I have contributed at least 1 merge request (newest first):

  • 13.9
  • 13.7 released 22nd December 2020
  • 13.5. Released 22nd October 2020.