I work mostly on the traditional LAMP stack; that is Linux, Apache, MySQL/MariaDB, PHP. My preferred Linux distribution is Ubuntu, and I currently develop exclusively with PHP 7.4.

Most of my PHP work is now focused towards using Symfony, either building on top of the website-skeleton using composer composer create symfony/website-skeleton, or utilising the components as part of a custom framework to achieve the required outcome. Utilising Symfony, I tend to use Twig for a templating engine.

To bring ideas to life on the front-end, I use SCSS for a CSS preprocessor. This is usually built within a GitLab CI/CD pipeline using Gulp. Where possible and practical within time and budget constraints, I try to write vanilla JavaScript and avoid the use of jQuery in order to reduce the amount of data the user is required to download to use an application. Similarly, whilst I have used Bootstrap and Bulma CSS frameworks, I try to avoid these again to increase the speed of content delivery to the user.

I enjoy implementing and working with CI/CD pipelines, most of which I have done via GitLab. I am also starting to learn elements of DevOps using Terraform and Ansible to ensure a replicable environment and configuration setup.

I have worked with Redis on a few projects, and have undertaken some basic Redis training. You can view my Introduction to Redis Data Structures certificate.