Jenkins disk space usage

Development Apr 17, 2018

I'm working on a project, part time, in my spare time.  As part of that project I have Jenkins for continual building when I publish anything into the master branch in git.  I've not done much for a month or so, but logged in to it today to be given a lovely warning that the disk space is nearly full.

I logged into the server to find out there was zero disk space left (I know, I need monitoring on it!).  After clearing down all of the old builds (most were for testing the configuration of the build job anyway) and a few obvious log files, I'd cleared up a huge 400MB.  Nothing on a 50GB disk.

After spotting a jenkins folder within /var/logs, I checked that out.  Two files over 20G in size for logs.  Less than ideal!  One of them was easy enough to remove, but the active log file would show as removed, but not free the disk space.  A quick restart of the jenkins service sorted that out.

Now to check the logging settings of jenkins to see what we can limit!


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